Progress in the applicability of plasma X-ray lasers

  title={Progress in the applicability of plasma X-ray lasers},
  author={T. Kuehl and Bastian Aurand and Vincent Bagnoud and Boris Ecker and Udo Dr. Eisenbarth and Olivier Guilbaud and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Fils and Stefan G{\"o}tte and Jamil Habib and Daniel C. Hochhaus and Dasa Javorkova and P. Neumayer and Sophie Kazamias and Matthew Pittman and David Marsinyach Ros and J{\'o}zsef Seres and Ch. Spielmann and Bernhard Zielbauer and Daniel Luiz Zimmer},
  journal={Hyperfine Interactions},
Proposed as satellite-based weapons during the 1980s, X-ray lasing was for a long time only achieved with enormous amounts of pump energy in either nuclear explosions or at kilojoule-class laser installations. During the last few years a tremendous development was achieved, most visible in the realisation of the FEL lasers at DESY and SLAC. As important for a wider applicability is the enormous reduction in pump energy for laser pumped plasma X-ray lasers, which now brings such devices into the… CONTINUE READING