Progress in parasitic plant biology: host selection and nutrient transfer.

  title={Progress in parasitic plant biology: host selection and nutrient transfer.},
  author={Hao Shen and Wanzhi Ye and Lan Young Hong and Hongwen Huang and Z Wang and Xin Deng and Qihe Yang and Z Xu},
  journal={Plant biology},
  volume={8 2},
Host range varies widely among species of parasitic plants. Parasitic plants realize host selection through induction by chemical molecular signals, including germination stimulants and haustoria-inducing factors (HIFs). Research on parasitic plant biology has provided information on germination, haustorium induction, invasion, and haustorial structures and functions. To date, some molecular mechanisms have been suggested to explain how germination stimulants work, involving a chemical change… CONTINUE READING
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