Progress in Tokamak Research at Mit


The major results and accomplishments of the MIT tokamak program are surveyed. These are considered to be 1) discovery of an ohmic-heating confinement law in which TE naR 2 ; 2) reduction of anomalous ion conduction to the neoclassical value by use of pellet fueling; 3) formulation of an empirical model for confinement of impurities in ohmically-heated tokamaks; 4) seminal experiments on current drive by lower hybrid waves and production of quasi-stationary driven current discharges with n 1020 m-3 ; and 5) heating of electrons by Landau damping of lower hybrid waves with ATe I keV. The advance of nOTE is also traced from values of 1018 sec-m-3 which were typical of tokamaks at the beginning of the Alcator program to values achieved on Alcator C in excess of 6 x 1019 sec-m-3 , which is required for thermalized energy breakeven at higher temperature.

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