Progrediente Lungenfibrose unter Kombinationstherapie mit BCNU

  title={Progrediente Lungenfibrose unter Kombinationstherapie mit BCNU},
  author={Dr. W. Schreml and Gerlach Bargon and Barnes Anger and Bernhard Kubanek and Hermann Heimpel},
In two patients with acute leukaemia, the development of progressive interstitial pulmonary fibrosis was observed following chemotherapy with BCNU, Cytoxan and Ara-C. The x-ray changes were accompanied by restrictive changes of pulmonary function and, later on, by severe hypoxia. Serologic tests did not reveal infection with cytomegaly virus or mycoplasma pneumoniae. These findings, together with reports in the literature, suggest a toxic effect of BCNU on the lung. The combination with… CONTINUE READING