Programming with linear fractional functionals

  title={Programming with linear fractional functionals},
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Optimal Solution of Vehicle Routing Problems with Fractional Objective Function
This work proposes a first extensive analysis of the Vehicle Routing Problem with Fractional Objective Function (vrpfof), and presents new dual and primal bounding procedures which have been incorporated in an exact method.
A review of choice-based revenue management: Theory and methods
A chance-constrained portfolio selection model with random-rough variables
A Ra-Ro mathematical programming model where the returns are represented by Ra- Ro variables and the expected future total return maximized against a given fractile probability level is formulated.
A Linearization to the Sum of Linear Ratios Programming Problem
A non-iterative and straightforward method with less computational expenses to deal with S-LFP is presented and it was proven that the optimal solution of the LPP becomes the global optimal solution for the S- LFP.
Solution of a scheduling problem using an abstraction of the closed loop behaviour of a discrete event system
Esta dissertacao aborda o problema de planejamento de producao no ambiente industrial sob a perspectiva de Sistemas a Eventos Discretos. Para tal, foi utilizada uma solucao obtida pela aplicacao da
A new efficient approach to tackle multi objective linear fractional problem with flexible constraints
A new methodology to address the MOLFPP with flexible constraints i.e. the constraints with fuzzy right hand sides is presented and it is proven that the obtained solution is efficient for the main problem.