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Programming in Delta Prolog

  title={Programming in Delta Prolog},
  author={Jos{\'e} C. Cunha and Maria C. Ferreira and Lu{\'i}s Moniz Pereira},
  booktitle={International Conference on Logic Programming},

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This paper defines the abstract architectural model of Logic Programming as a Service (LPaaS) by re-interpreting classical LP notions in the new context and elaborate on the nature of LP interpreted as a service by describing the basic LPaaS interface.

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A novel paradigmenumerate- and-filter for transforming generate-and-test programs for execution under the committed-choice model extended to incorporate multiple solutions based on set enumeration is described.

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GroupLog is a logic language based on the notion of group, a cooperating entity whose definition is important to model cooperation in a flexible and well-structured manner and to hide low-level management of coordination activities.

A coordination language for collective agent based systems: GroupLog

In the paper a language providing concepts for modeling autonomous entities (agents) and cooperating entities (groups) and its use through an example is described.

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PVM-Prolog is a programming interface from Prolog to the PVM system that can directly be programmed using this interface for parallel and distributed artiicial intelligence applications and for the support of heterogeneous logic computing environments exploiting forms of explicit and implicit parallelism.

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Distributed Logic Programming

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A novel interprocess communication paradigm based on message-passing, message-brokers, is described, together with the small number of primitives that support message-brokered communication between

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This paper describes a primarily channel-oriented debugging methodology and a set of debugging tools that have been developed in the light of the experience in using and teaching the CLP language Parlog, and believes that the tools emphasise the attractions of CLP as a concurrent programming paradigm.

A sequential abstract machine for a distributed logic language

This paper describes Delta Prolog, its operational semantics and a sequential abstract machine (DAM) for the language.