Programming CUDA and OpenCL: A Case Study Using Modern C++ Libraries

  title={Programming CUDA and OpenCL: A Case Study Using Modern C++ Libraries},
  author={Denis Demidov and K. Ahnert and K. Rupp and P. Gottschling},
  • Denis Demidov, K. Ahnert, +1 author P. Gottschling
  • Published 2013
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • ArXiv
  • We present a comparison of several modern C++ libraries providing high-level interfaces for programming multi- and many-core architectures on top of CUDA or OpenCL. The comparison focuses on the solution of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and is based on odeint, a framework for the solution of systems of ODEs. Odeint is designed in a very flexible way and may be easily adapted for effective use of libraries such as MTL4, VexCL, or ViennaCL, using CUDA or OpenCL technologies. We found… CONTINUE READING
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