Programmable matter

  title={Programmable matter},
  author={Wil McCarthy},
How quantum wellstone ushered in our modern age. 
Molecular coordination of hierarchical self-assembly
  • B. MacLennan
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Nano Commun. Networks
  • 2012
Although much research remains to be done, it is shown how to implement the fundamental processes of morphogenesis and thereby coordinate very large numbers of agents to self-assemble into multiscale complex hierarchical systems. Expand
Programmable 3D Stochastic Fluidic Assembly of cm-scale modules
  • M. Tolley, Hod Lipson
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 2011 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems
  • 2011
This work experimentally demonstrates an alternative approach based on stochastic assembly, in which modules assemble into target structures in a fluidic tank, which employs ambient fluid motion for module transportation. Expand
Embodied Computation: Applying the Physics of Computation to Artificial Morphogenesis
We discuss the problem of assembling complex physical systems that are structured from the nanoscale up through the macroscale, and argue that embryological morphogenesis provides a good model of howExpand
On the scalability limits of communication networks to the nanoscale
Nanosystems, integrated systems with a total size of a few micrometers, are capable of interacting at the nanoscale, but their short operating range limits their usefulness in practical macro-scaleExpand
Electropermanent magnetic connectors and actuators: devices and their application in programmable matter
This work uses electromagnetic direct drive, rather than clockwork, to actuate the particles to make programmable matter economical to fabricate, and describes the smart pebbles system, which consists of 12-mm cubes that can form shapes by stochastic self-assembly and self-disassembly. Expand
Distributed Intelligent MEMS: Progresses and Perspectives
The objective of this paper is to report on the progress and remaining challenges in these areas by examining two examples of embedded intelligence in MEMS systems. Expand
A common language for \programmable matter" (cellular automata and all that)
This initiative is intended to facilitate the design, as well as stimulate the exchange and dissemination, of pro-grammable matter algorithms; among other things, it effects " technology transfer " for extensive research done in previous years by the MIT Information Mechanics group. Expand
Robotic Materials: From smart polymers to computational metamaterials
We describe “robotic materials”, a new class of metamaterial that tightly integrate sensing, actuation, computation, communication and power routing in a periodic fashion. Instead of relying on aExpand
Squama: modular visibility control of walls and windows for programmable physical architectures
How in future, architectural space can become dynamically changeable is discussed and the Squama system is introduced as an initial instance for exemplifying this concept. Expand
Bottom-Up Logic Programming for Multicores
This work made several modifications to the core language, to the compiler and to the runtime system to take advantage of the characteristics of the target architecture, and shows that the new compiler and runtime system are capable of exploiting implicit parallelism in programs such as graph algorithms, neural networks and belief propagation algorithms. Expand