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Program generator systems

  title={Program generator systems},
  author={J. Metzner},
  booktitle={WSC '77},
  • J. Metzner
  • Published in WSC '77 1977
  • Computer Science
A program generator system is a general software tool for producing program generators. The program generator automates portions of the program synthesis process for members of a particular class of programs, allowing the source forms of programs to be more compact and to reflect the conceptual basis of the applications area more directly. This paper explores the design and workings of program generator systems for simulation programming. A generalization of the macro processor is shown to form… Expand
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A graded bibliography on macro systems and extensible languages
The segment treated, by no means exhaustively, deals with the spectrum of user-specializable programming systems from macro systems to extensible languages, and literature on the very general processor building and compiler compiler systems is omitted. Expand


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It is contended that a programming language is best described functionally as a body of macro instructions, and that the macro call constitutes a canonical form in terms of which a programming notation may be described. Expand
SYMPLE: a general syntax directed macro preprocessor
One of the suggested potential uses of this system is that of evaluating new or extended programming languages by the technique of syntax directed macros, which led to the association of the acronym SYMPLE (SYntax Macro Preprocessor for Language Evaluation) with this system. Expand
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