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Program SedPak – model sedimentárnej architektúry usadenín vrchného bádenu viedenskej panvy

  title={Program SedPak – model sediment{\'a}rnej architekt{\'u}ry usaden{\'i}n vrchn{\'e}ho b{\'a}denu viedenskej panvy},
  author={R. Synak},
SedPak software provides a conceptual framework for modeling the sedimentary fill of basins by visualizing stratal geometries as they are produced between sequence boundaries. It is designed to model and reconstruct clastic and carbonate sediment geometries which are produced as a response to changing rates of tectonic movements, eustasy, and sedimentation. The simulation enables the evolution of the sedimentary fill of a basin to be tracked, defines the chronostratigraphic framework for the… Expand

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