Program Restructuring in a Multilevel Virtual Memory


Program restructuring techniques have proven successful in two-level automatically managed memory hierarchies. The possibility of extending them to multilevel environments is investigated. The performance of strategy-oriented restructuring algorithms in a three-level linear hierarchy managed by sampled working set policies or by a combination of sampled working set and local LRU policies is studied both analytically (assuming an independent reference model of program behavior) and by trace-driven simulation. The results of the study show that strategy-oriented restructuring may be as beneficial in a virtual memory with three levels as it is in one with two levels.

DOI: 10.1109/TSE.1983.236296

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@article{Lau1983ProgramRI, title={Program Restructuring in a Multilevel Virtual Memory}, author={Edwin J. Lau and Domenico Ferrari}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering}, year={1983}, volume={SE-9}, pages={69-79} }