Program Construction

  title={Program Construction},
  author={Roger G. Stone and D. J. Cooke},
  booktitle={Lecture Notes in Computer Science},
  • R. Stone, D. Cooke
  • Published in
    Lecture Notes in Computer…
    27 March 1987
  • Computer Science
From the Publisher: All stages of program construction, from original specifications through the final program, are traced in this detailed introduction to the design and writing of computer programs. 
Algebraic Specification and Fundamentals for Transformational Program and Meta Program Development
A methodology for PROgram development by SPECification and TRAnsformation is described, which forms the basis for constructing correct and efficient programs by gradual transformation.
Machine-Assisted Program Construction and Modification
Two calculi are presented, one for the construction of programs in the spirit of Martin-Lof, and the other for the verification of program transformations derived from a general axiomatization of Dynamic Logic.
Program Analysis by Formal Transformation
Supported by an EPSRC project: "A proof theory for program refinement and equivalence: extensions".
Program Development in an Algebraic Setting
  • P. Pepper
  • Computer Science
    Formal Program Development
  • 1993
A framework for program development is presented, which is based on concepts from algebra and logic, and programming is viewed as a process that successively extends the program under consideration by adding new axioms or theorems to it.
The Maintainer's Assistant (software tool)
The Maintainer's Assistant is a code analysis tool aimed at helping the maintenance programmer to understand and modify a given program. Program transformation techniques are employed by the
On Recent Trends in Algebraic Specification
In this paper we focus on three different aspects which can be considered to be recent trends within theory and applications of algebraic specification.
General Correctness Algebra
The Egli-Milner order is treated algebraically and it is shown how to obtain least fixpoints, used to solve recursion equations, in terms of the natural order.
Development of Several Reachability Algorithms for Directed Graphs
In the development above only the control structure of the algorithms was subject to transformations. The final versions (6) and (7) which are due to the different generalizations in Section 3.1 are
Approaches to executable specifications
There is a suggestion of oxymoronic incongruity in the term "executable specification." Much of the pioneering work in software specification would invoke the metaphor of the blueprint or similar
Report on an Implementation of a Semi-inverter
An implementation of a semi-inversion method is reported on and some examples of semi- inversions made by the implementation are shown and limitations and possible extensions are discussed.