Prognostic significance of CD100 expression in soft tissue sarcoma.

  title={Prognostic significance of CD100 expression in soft tissue sarcoma.},
  author={Eweseng Ch'ng and Yasuhiko Tomita and Binglin Zhang and Juxiang He and Yoshihiko Hoshida and Ying Qiu and Eiichi Morii and Itsuko Nakamichi and Ken-ichiro Hamada and Takafumi Ueda and Katsuyuki Aozasa},
  volume={110 1},
BACKGROUND CD100, a class IV semaphorin, promotes angiogenesis, invasive growth, proliferation, and antiapoptosis of cancer cells in vitro. The expression of CD100 in soft tissue sarcoma (STS) and its correlation with clinicopathologic factors and prognostic significance were evaluated. METHODS Expression levels of CD100 in patients with localized STS were evaluated immunohistochemically on paraffin-embedded sections from 81 patients, including 47 men and 34 women with a median age of 54… CONTINUE READING

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