Prognostic factors of phyllodes tumor of the breast.


The phyllodes tumor is characterized by its tendency to recur locally and occasionally to metastasize. The purpose of the present paper was to assess the prognostic value of clinical-morphological characteristics in patients with phyllodes tumor. Forty-seven cases of phyllodes tumors was studied; the World Health Organization classification was used and follow up was obtained. A total of 51%, 28% and 21% of the tumors were classified as benign, borderline and malignant, respectively. The adherence (P = 0.01), size >10 cm (P = 0.001), high mitotic activity (P = 0.03), infiltrative tumor margin (P = 0.0002) and type of surgery in malignant tumors (P = 0.02) proved to be good predictors of relapse. The presence of pain (P = 0.03), postmenopausal status (P < 0.04), heavy cellular pleomorphism (P = 0.007), high mitotic activity (P = 0.002), tumoral grade (P = 0.006) and metastasis (P < 0.00001) were prognostic factors of poor survival. Tumoral grade and some clinical-morphological characteristics of patients with phyllodes tumors have a significant impact on the prediction of its biological behavior.

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