Prognostic factors for surgery of neocortical temporal lobe epilepsy

  title={Prognostic factors for surgery of neocortical temporal lobe epilepsy},
  author={J{\'o}zsef Janszky and Heinz Wolfgang Pannek and Andr{\'a}s Fogarasi and Be{\'a}ta B{\'o}n{\'e} and Reinhard Schulz and Friedrich Behne and A. Niederle M. Ebner},
OBJECTIVES In the current classification of epilepsies two forms of temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) were included: mesial and lateral (neocortical) TLE. We aimed at identifying prognostic factors for the surgical outcome of lesional neocortical TLE. METHODS We included consecutive patients who had undergone presurgical evaluation including ictal video-EEG and high-resolution MRI, who had TLE due to neocortical lateral epileptogenic lesions, who had a lesionectomy and who had >2-year follow-up… CONTINUE READING