Prognostic DNA methylation marker in serum of cancer patients.

  title={Prognostic DNA methylation marker in serum of cancer patients.},
  author={Hannes M. M{\"u}ller and Heidi Fiegl and Andreas Widschwendter and Martin Widschwendter},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
Changes in the status of DNA methylation are among the most common molecular alterations in human neoplasia. Recent demonstrations of tumor-derived methylated DNA in the blood stream of cancer patients allow the use of these epigenetic markers for risk assessment in cancer patients. We were interested in evaluating the prognostic value of several methylated genes in the serum of cancer patients. Using MethyLight, a high-throughput DNA methylation assay, we analyzed 215 serum samples from… CONTINUE READING

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