Prognosis following Postanoxic Myoclonus Status epilepticus.

  title={Prognosis following Postanoxic Myoclonus Status epilepticus.},
  author={Andrew Che Fai Hui and Claudia Cheng and Anita K Lam and Vincent Chung Tony Mok and Gavin Matthew Joynt},
  journal={European neurology},
  volume={54 1},
Prediction of outcome after cardiac arrest has important ethical and socioeconomic implications. In general, delay in recovery of neurological function is associated with a worse prognosis. The presence of myoclonic seizures early after anoxia has been identified as a poor prognostic factor. We report a series of patients who developed postanoxic myoclonus status epilepticus (MSE), which was defined as continuous myoclonic seizure activity lasting 30 min or more. The results from 18 patients… CONTINUE READING


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