Progesterone receptor isoforms differentially regulate the expression of tryptophan and tyrosine hydroxylase and glutamic acid decarboxylase in the rat hypothalamus.


Progesterone exerts a variety of actions in the brain through the interaction with its receptors (PR) which have two isoforms with different function and regulation: PR-A and PR-B. Progesterone may modulate neurotransmission by regulating the expression of neurotransmitters synthesizing enzymes or their receptors in several brain regions. The role of PR isoforms in this modulation is unknown. We explored the role of PR isoforms in the regulation of tryptophan (TPH) and tyrosine (TH) hydroxylase, and glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) expression in the hypothalamus of ovariectomized rats. Two weeks after ovariectomy, animals were subcutaneously injected with 5 μg of estradiol benzoate (EB), and 40 h later, progesterone (P) was intracerebroventricularly (ICV) injected. Each animal received two ICV injections of 1 μg/μl (4 nmol) of PR-B and total PR (PR-A+PR-B) sense or antisense (As) oligonucleotides (ODNs). First injection was made immediately before sc EB injection, and 24h later animals received the second one. Twenty-four hours after P administration, rats were euthanized and brains removed to measure the expression of PR-A and PR-B, TPH, TH and GAD by Western blot. We observed that sense ODNs modified neither PR isoforms nor enzymes expression in the hypothalamus, whereas PR A+B antisense (PR A+B As) clearly decreased the expression of both PR isoforms in this region. ICV administration of PR-B As only decreased PR-B isoform expression with no significant effects on PR-A expression. A differential protein expression of TPH, TH and GAD was observed after PR isoforms antisense administration. PR-B As administration decreased the expression of TPH (65% with respect to control). In contrast, PR A+B As and PR-B As administration increased (51.6% and 34.4%, respectively) TH expression. The administration of PR A+B As and PR-B As diminished GAD expression (33.4% and 41.6%, respectively). Our findings indicate that PR isoforms play a differential role in the regulation of the content of TPH, TH and GAD in the rat hypothalamus.

DOI: 10.1016/j.neuint.2011.06.013


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