Progenitor-derived oligodendrocyte culture system from human fetal brain.

  title={Progenitor-derived oligodendrocyte culture system from human fetal brain.},
  author={Maria Chiara G. Monaco and Dragan Maric and Alexandra Bandeian and Emily C. Leibovitch and Wan Yang and Eugene O. Major},
  journal={Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE},
Differentiation of human neural progenitors into neuronal and glial cell types offers a model to study and compare molecular regulation of neural cell lineage development. In vitro expansion of neural progenitors from fetal CNS tissue has been well characterized. Despite the identification and isolation of glial progenitors from adult human sub-cortical white matter and development of various culture conditions to direct differentiation of fetal neural progenitors into myelin producing… CONTINUE READING