Profiling by Image Registration Reveals Common Origin of Annelid Mushroom Bodies and Vertebrate Pallium

  title={Profiling by Image Registration Reveals Common Origin of Annelid Mushroom Bodies and Vertebrate Pallium},
  author={R. Tomer and A. Denes and K. Tessmar-Raible and D. Arendt},
  • R. Tomer, A. Denes, +1 author D. Arendt
  • Published 2010
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cell
  • The evolution of the highest-order human brain center, the "pallium" or "cortex," remains enigmatic. To elucidate its origins, we set out to identify related brain parts in phylogenetically distant animals, to then unravel common aspects in cellular composition and molecular architecture. Here, we compare vertebrate pallium development to that of the mushroom bodies, sensory-associative brain centers, in an annelid. Using a newly developed protocol for cellular profiling by image registration… CONTINUE READING
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