Profiled Superabrasive Grinding Wheels for the Machining of a Nickel Based Superalloy

  title={Profiled Superabrasive Grinding Wheels for the Machining of a Nickel Based Superalloy},
  author={D. Aspinwall and S. Soo and D. Curtis and A. Mantle},
  journal={Cirp Annals-manufacturing Technology},
Machining data are presented for small diameter, profiled (fir tree root form), single layer/electroplated CBN (B46, B76 and 91) and diamond (D46) grinding wheels, when cutting Udimet 720. Spindles operating at 60,000 and 90,000rpm were employed, with a synthetic polyalphaolefine (PAO) oil based fluid in a down grinding mode on single sided specimens. Operating parameters were selected to reflect finishing conditions. Measured tool wear was lower for CBN grit as compared to diamond however… Expand
Evaluation of superabrasive grinding points for the machining of hardened steel
Abstract Small diameter grinding points offer greater flexibility for machining free-form contours compared to traditional grinding wheels, despite fewer effective cutting edges. The paper evaluatesExpand
Electrochemical superabrasive machining of a nickel-based aeroengine alloy using mounted grinding points
Abstract Brief design and manufacture considerations are detailed for a hybrid electrochemical grinding unit adapted from a vertical machining centre using a 40,000 rpm spindle and 500 A DCExpand
Grinding performance and workpiece integrity when superabrasive edge routing carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) composites
Data is presented for wheel wear, cutting forces and workpiece integrity when high speed routing 10 mm thick CFRP laminates using single layer electroplated diamond and CBN grinding points as opposedExpand
High Performance Machining of Profiled Slots in Nickel-Based-Superalloys
Abstract Broaches made of high speed steel (HSS) are state of the art for the production of complex slots in turbine discs, but they are increasingly reaching their limits in machining difficult toExpand
Evaluation of Workpiece Surface Integrity Following Point Grinding of Advanced Titanium and Nickel Based Alloys
Abstract Experimental results are presented following point grinding of Ti-6Al-4 V, gamma-TiAl and Udimet 720 nickel based superalloy using plain 15 mm diameter electroplated superabrasive (CBN andExpand
Super Abrasive Machining of Integral Rotary Components Using Grinding Flank Tools
Manufacturing techniques that are applied to turbomachinery components represent a challenge in the aeronautic sector. These components require high resistant super-alloys in order to satisfy theExpand
Comparison of Flank Super Abrasive Machining vs. Flank Milling on Inconel® 718 Surfaces
The results showed that flank SAM implies a suitable and controllable process to improve the manufacture of high added value components made by nickel-based superalloys in terms of roughness, microhardness, white layer, and residual stresses. Expand
Broaching of Inconel 718 with cemented carbide
A broad study on broaching with cemented carbide tools is presented, taking into account that the state-of-the-art broaching process is working with high-speed-steel tools, which offer the potential to significantly increase cutting speeds, which lead to increased process productivity. Expand
Experimental and modeling characterization of wear and life expectancy of electroplated CBN grinding wheels
Abstract Wear and life expectancy of a nickel-electroplated monolayer of cubic boron nitride grinding wheels are characterized based on the wheel surface topological evolution, observed afterExpand
Experimental Investigation on Grinding Performance of Microcrystalline Alumina Abrasive Grinding Wheel for Superalloys
Superalloys are widely used in the aeronautic and astronautic industries owing to their excellent properties in aspects of high-temperature strength, heat stability and thermal fatigue resistance.Expand


Grinding of Inconel 718 and Udimet 720 Using Superabrasive Grinding Points Mounted on a High Speed Machining Centre
Following a brief literature review, the paper presents initial feasibility and Taguchi data on the use of CBN and diamond mounted grinding points for the grinding of Inconel 718 and Udimet 720Expand
Hybrid High Speed Machining (HSM): System Design and Experimental Results for Grinding/HSM and EDM/HSM
Abstract Point grinding and electrical discharge machining (EDM) are detailed on high speed machining centres. A Taguchi design was employed to evaluate operating parameters when point grindingExpand
Fluid performance study for groove grinding a nickel-based superalloy using electroplated cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheels
The performance of three water-based grinding fluids was analyzed and compared to a neat oil tested under the same process conditions. Light optical and scanning electron microscopy observations showExpand
It's a grind [grinding technology]
VIPER grinding was developed by Rolls Royce in collaboration with the Grinding Division of Makino-NCMT as a replacement for creep feed grinding of Inconel and other nickel-based alloys using CBNExpand
Friction, Cooling and Lubrication in Grinding
Abstract It is generally considered that the heat produced during the grinding process is critical in terms of workpiece quality. Relatively high friction effects in abrasive machining cause heatExpand
Process for machining axial blade slots in turbine disks for jet engines
PURPOSE: To provide an improved process for machining axial blade slots in turbine disks used in jet engines. CONSTITUTION: The process comprises the steps of providing a turbine disk(12); forming aExpand
Broaching of Ti-6-4 – Detection of Workpiece Surface Anomalies on Dovetail Slots through Process Monitoring
Surface anomalies induced by abusive broaching represent a concern for the safety of critical components of aero-engines. Using acoustic emission and force signals, the paper reports on processExpand
Jet Engines: Fundamentals of Theory, Design and Operation
This book is intended for those involved in aviation, either commercially or as enthusiasts who wish to broaden their knowledge of jet engine technology and its associated subjects. It provides aExpand
It’s a grind
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