Profile Measurement of Resist Surface Using Multi-Array-Probe System


Semiconductor processing in manufacturing must be fast and highly accurate in the measuring of the surface profile of soft thin films such as photoresist. Since photoresist surface is very smooth and deformable, a device to measure is required that will measure vertical direction with a nanometer resolution in height and not damage the film during the measurement. To do this, we developed an apparatus using multi-array probes and white light interferometer to measure the surface profile. There are 25 probes arranged in the 5 × 5 array with 500 μm interval on the membrane, which covers a wide area at high speed. The probe is 37.5 μm in height with cylindrical diameter of 50 μm, which is attached to the SiC film of 1 μm thickness. Using this device, we made measurements on resist film. The results demonstrated the feasibility of the constructed multi-sensor system for measuring thin film with a high accuracy. Copyright © 2014 IFSA Publishing, S. L.

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