Professor Max Born

  title={Professor Max Born},
  author={Roger P. Smith},
chemistry, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, entomology, industrial and forensic medicine and food technology. The aim of Essays in Toxicology, of which this is the first volume, is to provide a publication which is scientifically accurate and at the same time sufficiently general to be read with profit by the "non-toxicologist". This is an ambitious aim in a world of increasing specialization, but the four essays in this volume illustrate the wide range of what may be regarded as toxicology… 


Ionisation by Coordination (2.30 p.m.) Professor V. Gutmann (Vienna)
  • the New Chemistry Theatre
Institution of E lectrical Engineers; the Institute of Measurement and Control; and the Automatic Control Group of th i:!
  • J.Mech.E
System Identiftcation with special reference to Respiration (5.30 p.m
    Discriminators for Broadcast FM Transmission (6.30 p.m.) Mr Hugh Mayo, Institution of Electronic and Radio Engineers
      The Treatment and Disposal of Industrial Effluent (all-day symposium ) Institution of Mechanical Engineers
        Their Production and Use (6 p.m.)
          Contention or Polling Techniques for Data-Computer Systems (5.30 p.m. discussion) Institution of Electronic and Radio Engineers
            Society for Ana]ytical Chemistry; and the Edinburgh University Chemical Society, in the Chemistry Department
            • Ampllftcation Reactions and their Applications (4.30 p.m.) Professor R. Belcher
            University of London, a t the Institute of Child H ealth, 30 Guilford Street, London WCI. (Twelfth of fifteen lectures on
            • Experimental Gallstones (5.30 p.m.)