Professor Max Born

  title={Professor Max Born},
  author={R. Smith},
chemistry, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, entomology, industrial and forensic medicine and food technology. The aim of Essays in Toxicology, of which this is the first volume, is to provide a publication which is scientifically accurate and at the same time sufficiently general to be read with profit by the "non-toxicologist". This is an ambitious aim in a world of increasing specialization, but the four essays in this volume illustrate the wide range of what may be regarded as toxicology… Expand


Contention or Polling Techniques for Data-Computer Systems (5.30 p.m. discussion) Institution of Electronic and Radio Engineers
    Discriminators for Broadcast FM Transmission (6.30 p.m.) Mr Hugh Mayo, Institution of Electronic and Radio Engineers
      Institution of E lectrical Engineers; the Institute of Measurement and Control; and the Automatic Control Group of th i:!
      • J.Mech.E
      Ionisation by Coordination (2.30 p.m.) Professor V. Gutmann (Vienna)
      • the New Chemistry Theatre
      Society for Ana]ytical Chemistry; and the Edinburgh University Chemical Society, in the Chemistry Department
      • Ampllftcation Reactions and their Applications (4.30 p.m.) Professor R. Belcher
      System Identiftcation with special reference to Respiration (5.30 p.m
        The Treatment and Disposal of Industrial Effluent (all-day symposium ) Institution of Mechanical Engineers
          Their Production and Use (6 p.m.)
            University of London, a t the Institute of Child H ealth, 30 Guilford Street, London WCI. (Twelfth of fifteen lectures on
            • Experimental Gallstones (5.30 p.m.)