Produtividade acumulada como critério de seleção em fêmeas da raça nelore

  title={Produtividade acumulada como crit{\'e}rio de seleç{\~a}o em f{\^e}meas da raça nelore},
  author={Eduardo Brum Schwengber and Luiz Ant{\^o}nio Framartino Bezerra and Raysildo Barbosa L{\^o}bo},
This work had for objective to determine the variance components and to estimate the heritability of the accumulated productivity (ACP) of 15,070 females, reared in different participant herds of the Nellore Breeding Program. ACP is an index that considers the total production of calves weaned in kg, the total time of production of calves and the calving beginning. The statistical analyses were accomplished through the SAS program (Statistical Analysis System) and the variance components for… CONTINUE READING