Products of topological groups in which all closed subgroups are separable

  title={Products of topological groups in which all closed subgroups are separable},
  author={Arkady Leiderman and Mikhail G. Tkachenko},
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The separable quotient problem for topological groups

The famous Banach-Mazur problem, which asks if every infinite-dimensional Banach space has an infinite-dimensional separable quotient Banach space, has remained unsolved for 85 years, though it has

Separability of Topological Groups: A Survey with Open Problems

The property of separability of topological groups is examined in the context of taking subgroups, finite or infinite products, and quotient homomorphisms.

D-independent topological groups



Nonseparable closed vector subspaces of separable topological vector spaces

In 1983 P. Domański investigated the question: For which separable topological vector spaces E, does the separable space have a nonseparable closed vector subspace, where $$\hbox {c}$$c is the

Density character of subgroups of topological groups

A subspace Y of a separable metrizable space X is separable, but without X metrizable this is not true even If Y is a closed linear subspace of a topological vector space X. K.H. Hofmann and S.A.

Categorically compact topological groups

On separability in linear topological spaces

This paper contains (1) an example of a separable linear topological space with a closed nonseparable linear subspace, and (2) a proof of the fact that every metrizable subspace of a separable linear

Topological Groups and Related Structures

[i]Topological Groups and Related Structures[/i] provides an extensive overview of techniques and results in the topological theory of topological groups. This overview goes sufficiently deep and is

Basic S and L

Pontryagin Duality and the Structure of Locally Compact Abelian Groups

1. Introduction to topological groups 2. Subgroups and quotient groups of Rn 3. Uniform spaces and dual groups 4. Introduction to the Pontryagin-van Kampen duality theorem 5. Duality for compact and