Production, properties, and applications of endo-β-mannanases.


The present review provides up-to-date information on the occurrence and methodologies used for producing and purifying endo-β-mannanases and a comprehensive comparison of their biochemical properties. The amalgamation of biochemical, molecular and structural biology approaches which have been used for understanding endo-β-mannanase families, catalytic mechanism, substrate binding, non-catalytic modules, trans-glycosylation, and multi-functional enzyme complexes has been given critical attention. A separate section entailing the state-of-the-art about thermostable endo-β-mannanases, which has emerged as an exciting field of both basic and applied research, is also deliberated. The remarkable progress made by endo-β-mannanases in various industrial sectors like food, feed, detergents, biofuel and oil drilling is also emphasized.

DOI: 10.1016/j.biotechadv.2016.11.001
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