Production of trichothecene mycotoxins byFusarium graminearum andFusarium culmorum on barley and wheat

  title={Production of trichothecene mycotoxins byFusarium graminearum andFusarium culmorum on barley and wheat},
  author={Chester J. Mirocha and Weiping Xie and Yichun Xu and R Daniel Wilcoxson and Richard P. Woodward and R. H. Etebarian and G. Behele},
Wheat cultivars (Stoa, MN87150, SuMai-3, YMI-6, Wheaton) and barley cultivars (Robust, Excel, Chevron, M69) were inoculated in the field with isolates ofFusarium graminearum andF. culmorum. The diseased (Fusarium head blight) kernels were analyzed for deoxynivalenol (DON), 15-acetyldeoxynivalenol (15-ADON) and nivalenol (NIV).F. culmorum produced all three trichothecenes on all cultivars tested whereasF. graminearum only produced DON and 15-ADON. There was no well defined correlation between… CONTINUE READING

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