Production of trehalose phosphorylase by Catellatospora ferruginea.

  title={Production of trehalose phosphorylase by Catellatospora ferruginea.},
  author={Kazuo Aisaka and Toshiro Masuda},
  journal={FEMS microbiology letters},
  volume={131 1},
A range of microorganisms was screened for new and high producer strains of trehalose phosphorylase (EC Trehalose phosphorylase activity was found in cells of actinomyctes of the genera Actinomadura, Amycolata, Catellatospora, Kineosporia, and Nocardia. Among them, Catellatospora ferruginea showed the highest enzyme activity. Trehalose phosphorylase from C. ferruginea was able to catalyse both the phosphorolysis of trehalose into beta-glucose 1-phosphate and D-glucose and the… CONTINUE READING