Production of transgenic porcine blastocysts by hand-made cloning.

  title={Production of transgenic porcine blastocysts by hand-made cloning.},
  author={Peter M. Kragh and G{\'a}bor Vajta and Thomas J Corydon and Stig Purup and Lars Bolund and H Callesen},
  journal={Reproduction, fertility, and development},
  volume={16 3},
Recently, a zona-free technique for bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer (NT) with no requirement for micromanipulation (i.e. hand-made cloning (HMC)) has been described. The present study demonstrates the application of the HMC technique in the production of transgenic porcine blastocysts. In vitro-matured zona-free porcine oocytes were bisected manually using a microblade and halves containing no chromatin (i.e. the cytoplasts) were selected. Two cytoplasts were electrofused with one… CONTINUE READING
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