Production of superoxide by human malignant melanoma cells.

  title={Production of superoxide by human malignant melanoma cells.},
  author={Fernando Bittinger and Juan Gonz{\'a}lez-Garc{\'i}a and Christina L. Klein and Christoph Brochhausen and Fritz C. Offner and C James Kirkpatrick},
  journal={Melanoma research},
  volume={8 5},
Metastasis is a complicated multi-step process involving interactions between tumour cells, the extracellular matrix and the vessel walls. Experimental observations suggest that leucocyte migration and function could be a suitable model in order to understand tumour cell dissemination. In the present report we show and quantify the production of free radicals by human malignant melanoma cells (St-ml12) by means of a spectrophotometrical method, using an enzyme immunoassay reader. Endothelial… CONTINUE READING


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