Production of phytase by Mucor racemosus in solid-state fermentation.

  title={Production of phytase by Mucor racemosus in solid-state fermentation.},
  author={Barbara Bogar and George Szak{\'a}cs and Ashok Pandey and Sabu Abdulhameed and James C. Linden and Robert P. Tengerdy},
  journal={Biotechnology progress},
  volume={19 2},
Phytase production was studied by three Mucor and eight Rhizopus strains by solid-state fermentation (SSF) on three commonly used natural feed ingredients (canola meal, coconut oil cake, wheat bran). Mucor racemosus NRRL 1994 (ATCC 46129) gave the highest yield (14.5 IU/g dry matter phytase activity) on coconut oil cake. Optimizing the supplementation of… CONTINUE READING