Production of neurospheres from mammalian Müller cells in culture.

  title={Production of neurospheres from mammalian M{\"u}ller cells in culture.},
  author={Julie Monnin and Nad{\`e}ge Morand-Villeneuve and Germaine Michel and David W. Hicks and Claudine Versaux-Bott{\'e}ri},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={421 1},
In lower vertebrates, like fishes and amphibians, retina is able to self-regenerate whereas Mammalian retina has lost this property. Nevertheless, recently, it has turned out that retinal glial Müller cells were playing a role in neuronal regeneration of the adult rodent retina, in case of acute damages, by dedifferentiating and redifferentiating in glial and neural cells. The purpose of this study was to analyse the ability of mammalian Müller cells for forming neurospheres. First of all, rats… CONTINUE READING

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