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Production of monochromatic $^{228}$Ra $\alpha$-sources for detector characterization

  title={Production of monochromatic \$^\{228\}\$Ra \$\alpha\$-sources for detector characterization},
  author={M. Biassoni and Chiara Brofferio and S. Dell’Oro and Luca Gironi and Massimiliano Nastasi and M. Sisti},
The response of particle detectors to different types of radiation is not necessarily identical and, in some cases, neglecting this behavior can lead to a misinterpretation of the acquired data. While commercial radioactive sources are in general suitable to investigate the response to β ’s and γ ’s, in the case of α ’s the need for custom-made sources arises from the intrinsic properties of α radiation, which imposes that the emitter directly faces the detector. In this work, we show how to… 

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