Production of metallothionein and heat-shock proteins in response to metals.

  title={Production of metallothionein and heat-shock proteins in response to metals.},
  author={Joe Bauman and Jie A. Liu and Curtis D. Klaassen},
  journal={Fundamental and applied toxicology : official journal of the Society of Toxicology},
  volume={21 1},
Acute stress, such as heat, and some metals, such as arsenite, will induce a specific group of stress proteins referred to as heat-shock proteins. The heat-shock proteins contribute to the survival of cells following a variety of stresses. Similarly, metals such as cadmium and zinc, will increase the levels of metallothionein (MT). The metal-binding protein, MT, has also been found to have a protective role in the cellular response to acute stresses like heavy metals. The purpose of the present… CONTINUE READING


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