Production of fructosyltransferase by Aureobasidium sp. ATCC 20524 in batch and two-step batch cultures

  title={Production of fructosyltransferase by Aureobasidium sp. ATCC 20524 in batch and two-step batch cultures},
  author={Mart{\'i}n A. Salinas and Nora In{\'e}s Perotti},
  journal={Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology},
A comparison of fructosyltransferase (EC production by Aureobasidium sp. ATCC 20524 in batch and two step batch cultures was investigated in a 1-l stirred tank reactor using a sucrose supply of 200 g/l. Results showed that the innovative cultivation in two step of Aureobasidium sp. produced more fructosyltransferase (FFase) than the single batch culture at the same sucrose concentration with a maximal enzyme production of 523 U/ml, which was 80.5% higher than the one obtained in the… CONTINUE READING
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