Production of follicle stimulating hormone

  title={Production of follicle stimulating hormone},
  author={Albert K. Beck and Edward G. Bernstine and N. Hsiung and Vemuri B. Reddy and バーンスティン,エドワード・ジョージ and ヒュング,ナンシー and ベック,アントン・カー and レッディ,ヴェムリ・ビー},
PURPOSE: To produce a follicle stimulating hormone(FSH) which is a heterodimer protein by using a recombinant DNA technique. CONSTITUTION: This invention relates to production of biologically active heterodimer FSH from a single culture of transformed cell. A biologically active heterodimeric FSH is produced from a single culture product by a cell having an expression vector containing heterogeneous DNA encoding each of α-subunit and β-subunit of FSH. COPYRIGHT: (C)1994,JPO