Production of epoxydammaranes by the enzymatic reactions of (3R)- and (3S)-2,3-squalene diols and those of 2,3:22,23-dioxidosqualenes with recombinant squalene cyclase and the mechanistic insight into the polycyclization reactions.


The enzymatic cyclizations of (3R)- and (3S)-2,3-squalene diols by squalene cyclase afforded bicyclic compounds and epoxydamamranes in a ca. 3 : 2 ratio. Formation of the epoxydammarane scaffold indicates that a 6/6/6/5-fused tetracyclic cation is involved as the intermediate in the polycyclization reaction. 2,3:22,23-Dioxidosqualenes also afforded an… (More)


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