Production of cloned pigs from cultured fetal fibroblast cells.

  title={Production of cloned pigs from cultured fetal fibroblast cells.},
  author={Andrew C Boquest and Christopher Gerald Grupen and Sharon J. Harrison and Stephen M McIlfatrick and Rodney J Ashman and Anthony J. F. d'Apice and Mark B. Nottle},
  journal={Biology of reproduction},
  volume={66 5},
Somatic cell nuclear transfer was used to produce live piglets from cultured fetal fibroblast cells. This was achieved by exposing donor cell nuclei to oocyte cytoplasm for approximately 3 h before activation by chemical means. Initially, an experiment was performed to optimize a cell fusion system that prevented concurrent activation in the majority of recipient cytoplasts. Cultured fibroblast cells were fused in medium with or without calcium into enucleated oocytes flushed from superovulated… CONTINUE READING

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