Production of alkylbenzenes and alkylnaphthalenes upon pyrolysis of unsaturated fatty acids

  title={Production of alkylbenzenes and alkylnaphthalenes upon pyrolysis of unsaturated fatty acids},
  author={Cesareo Saiz-Jimenez},
The chemical structure of humic substances, as revealed by pyrolysis, has been a subject of controversial debate during the last few years [1-5]. Saiz-Jimenez [6] suggested that the series of alkylated benzenes and naphthalenes obtained in pyrolysates of humic substances probably originated from aliphatic precursors due to unwanted thermal reactions. These assumptions were based on the study of the pyrolysates of plant biomass (stems of Chrysanthemum segetum and Vitis vinifera and charred… 
Transformations in carbon and nitrogen-forms in peat subjected to progressive thermal stress as revealed by analytical pyrolysis
To study the characteristic N-forms of humic-type materials, samples of sapric peat from Galicia (northern Spain) were heated at 350 °C for 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 s, and studied by Curie-point
Molecular characteristics of permanganate- and dichromate- oxidation-resistant soil organic matter from a black-C-rich colluvial soil
Samples from a colluvial soil rich in pyrogenic material (black C, BC) in north-west Spain were subjected to K2Cr2O7 and KMnO4 oxidation and the residual soil organic matter (SOM) was NaOH-extracted
Molecular Geochemistry of Soil Organic Matter by Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) Technique: A Review
Soil organic matter (SOM) is arguably the most complex and least understood component of soils. To analyze SOM structure and reduce SOM large structural heterogeneity, different components of SOM
Use of Thermally Assisted Hydrolysis and Methylation (THM-GC-MS) to Unravel Influence of Pottery Production and Post-Depositional Processes on the Molecular Composition of Organic Matter in Sherds from a Complex Coastal Settlement
Ceramic fragments from the Islet of Guidoiro Areoso (NW Spain), covering a wide range of cultural periods (Neolithic to Late Bronze Age), have been studied by color analysis, elemental analysis of
Soil organic matter chemistry in allophanic soils: a pyrolysis‐GC/MS study of a Costa Rican Andosol catena
Soil organic matter (SOM) in allophanic soils is supposed to accumulate due to protection caused by binding to allophane, aluminium and iron. We investigated a catena of allophanic and non‐allophanic
Demystifying and Unravelling the Factual Molecular Structure of the Biopolymer Sporopollenin
This work has identified and characterized the molecular structure of the clean, intact sporopollenin using soft ionization mass spectrometric and nuclear magnetic resonance techniques, and identified a unique circular polyhydroxylated tetraketide polymer that acted as the rigid backbone on which the poly(hydroxyacid) network can be built.


A state of the art structural concept for humic substances
In a recent communication [1] we presented a carbon skeleton for humic acid (HA) based on extensive mass spectrometric data in which alkylbenzene structures played a dominant role. We now show a more
Conventional pyrolysis: A biased technique for providing structural information on humic substances?
Aquatic and terrestrial humic substances consist of two main fractions: fulvic acid and humic acid. These fractions are operationally defined, based on solubility in alkalis and acids. This lack of a
The distribution of lipid S (sulpholipids) in 27 soils was examined in relation to factors which influence its abundance in different soil environments. Lipid S was found in all soils examined, but
however (for it was the literal soul of the life of the Redeemer, John xv. io), is the peculiar token of fellowship with the Redeemer. That love to God (what is meant here is not God’s love to men)
It is demonstrated that Ga-PSMA PET/CT has a high overall diagnostic value for LN staging in patients with moderate and high-risk PCa, but the conclusions still require a larger sample size, multi-center prospective randomized controlled trial to verify.
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