Production of aflatoxins on soybean and cottonseed meals

  title={Production of aflatoxins on soybean and cottonseed meals},
  author={T. P. Hensarling and Thomas J. Jacks and Louise S. Lee and Alex Ciegler},
The production of aflatoxins by Aspergillus flavus SRRC-1000 growing on soybean (Forrest) and glandless cottonseed (Deltapine 16) meals was examined with respect to effects of zinc and phytate. Aflatoxins were not produced on unautoclaved soybean meal. Addition of zinc (as zinc sulfate) to autoclaved meal inhibited aflatoxin production and supplementation with sodium phytate relieved this inhibition. Addition of sodium phytate alone promoted production. When cottonseed meal was treated to… CONTINUE READING