Production of active, insect-specific scorpion neurotoxin in yeast.

  title={Production of active, insect-specific scorpion neurotoxin in yeast.},
  author={Marie France Martin-Eauclaire and Morten S\ogaard and Carlos Eduardo Sala Ramos and Sandrine Cest{\`e}le and Pierre Edouard Bougis and Birte Svensson},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={223 2},
A cDNA encoding the Androctonus australis Hector insect toxin 1 (AaH IT1) was expressed in yeast leading to secretion of fully biologically active protein. Three different multicopy plasmids were constructed using PCR. Expression was directed by the strong PGK1 promoter of the yeast vector pMA 91. Plasmid pMA 91-AaH IT1 encodes AaH IT1 and its own signal peptide. In the two other constructions, the cDNA encoding the mature part of AaH IT1 is fused to the prepro-signal sequence of the yeast… CONTINUE READING