Production of a recombinant industrial protein using barley cell cultures.

  title={Production of a recombinant industrial protein using barley cell cultures.},
  author={Anneli Ritala and Eva H Wahlstr{\"o}m and Heidi Holkeri and Anders Hafr{\'e}n and Katri J M{\"a}kel{\"a}inen and Julio J N Baez and Kristiina M{\"a}kinen and Anna Maria Nuutila},
  journal={Protein expression and purification},
  volume={59 2},
The use of recombinant DNA-based protein production using genetically modified plants could provide a reproducible, consistent quality, safe, animal-component free, origin-traceable, and cost-effective source for industrial proteins required in large amounts (1000s of metric tons) and at low cost (below US$100/Kg). The aim of this work was to demonstrate the feasibility of using barley suspension cell culture to support timely testing of the genetic constructs and early product characterization… CONTINUE READING


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