Production of Sanguinarine by Chelidonium majus Callus Cultures.


Tissue callus cultures originating from CHELIDONIUM MAJUS L. seeds were established on Gamborg B5, Murashige-Skoog (MS), and Schenk-Hildebrandt (SH) media. In all experimental conditions, calli accumulated a complex pattern of isoquinoline derivatives. The highest values, both in growth and in sanguinarine production, were obtained using SH medium. 


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@article{Colombo1991ProductionOS, title={Production of Sanguinarine by Chelidonium majus Callus Cultures.}, author={Massimo Colombo and Fernanda Dias Tom{\'e}}, journal={Planta medica}, year={1991}, volume={57 5}, pages={428-9} }