Production of Rennet in Submerged Fermentation with the Filamentous Fungus Mucor miehei NRRL 3420

  title={Production of Rennet in Submerged Fermentation with the Filamentous Fungus Mucor miehei NRRL 3420},
  author={Cristian J. Bolner de Lima and Mariana Cortezi and Roberta Barros Lovaglio and Elo{\'i}zio J{\'u}lio Ribeiro and Jonas Contiero and Elvin D. de Araujo},
Mucor miehei NRRL 3420 was cultured to produce microbial rennet using two types of media, both with micronutrients: one with glucose and another with lactose from deproteinized cheese whey as carbon sources. A factorial experimental design was used to evaluate the results, studying the following variables: pH, glucose, lactose and casein concentrations. The experiments were carried out in a bioreactor for up to a 40-h fermentation period at 380 rpm, aeration of 1 vvm and temperature of 30±1°C… CONTINUE READING
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