Production of Prnp −/− goats by gene targeting in adult fibroblasts

  title={Production of Prnp −/− goats by gene targeting in adult fibroblasts},
  author={Caihong Zhu and Bei Li and Guo-hua Yu and Jianquan Chen and Huiqing Yu and Juan Chen and Xujun Xu and Youbing Wu and Aimin Zhang and Guo-xiang Cheng},
  journal={Transgenic Research},
Homozygous mice devoid of functional Prnp are resistant to scrapie and prion propagation, but heterozygous mice for Prnp disruption still suffer from prion disease and prion deposition. We have previously generated heterozygous cloned goats with one allele of Prnp functional disruption. To obtain goats with both alleles of Prnp be disrupted which would be resistant to scrapie completely, a second-round gene targeting was applied to disrupt the wild type allele of Prnp in the heterozygous goats… CONTINUE READING