Production of N 2 Radiative States in N 2H 2 Flowing

  title={Production of N 2 Radiative States in N 2H 2 Flowing},
  author={Simona Popa and L. Hochard and Andr{\'e} Ricard},
Measurements of gas temperature, electric field and N2, second positive (2~~ pos.), N), first negative ii" neg band intensities have been performed in N2-H2 flowing D-Cdischarge with H2 less than 0.5%. The intensity variations of the N2, 2~~ pos. and N(, l~~ neg. bands when a few H2 is added to N2 are explained by the E/N reduced electric field (N neutral gas density) increase and by the N) density decrease, respectively. R4sum4. La temp6rature du gaz, 1e champ 61ectrique et les intensit6s des… CONTINUE READING