Production of Meson Showers

  title={Production of Meson Showers},
  author={W. Heisenberg},
IT was noticed long ago that the special type of interaction between the nucleons and the particles responsible for nuclear forces leads to the possibility of production of many such mesons in one single act1,2. This result has later been disputed, especially by Heitler and his co-workers3, with the argument that the same interaction could possibly produce a strong damping effect as well, which might prevent any multiple production of particles. Jánossy4 then put forward the view that some… Expand
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Evidence for the multiple production of mesons in a single nucleon-nucleon collision
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The Production of Meson Pairs in Various Materials
The production of meson pairs in H2O, paraffine, Al, Fe and Pb was measured at sealevel as sixfold coincidences in 3 piles of counter-trays every one covered with 10 cm of lead. By means of aExpand
Note on the Production of Cosmic-Ray Mesons
It is pointed out that the cross sections for the production of mesons in collisions between heavy particles given by Hamilton, Heitler, and Peng are so large that a heavy particle crossing an atomicExpand
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p UBLICA TION of brief reports of important di scoveries in physics may be secured by addressing them to this department. The cLosing date for this department is, for the issue of the 1st of theExpand
Zur Theorie der explosionsartigen Schauer in der kosmischen Strahlung. II
ZusammenfassungDie Arbeit beabsichtigt eine ausführliche Untersuchung der Frage, ob und unter welchen Bedingungen Vielfachprozesse nach der Yukawaschen Theorie zu erwarten sind. I. Die allgemeinenExpand
On the Multiple Production of Mesons