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Production of Herbs in Asia: An Overview

  title={Production of Herbs in Asia: An Overview},
  author={Narong Chomchalow}
Herbs are leafy or soft flowering parts of plants used to add flavor and/or aroma to food and beverage. In addition to flavoring food and beverages, herbs are also used as medicine, cosmetics, dyes, air fresheners, disinfectants, insect repellants, decorative materials, herbal drinks and teas, and pot pourri. Herb cultivation in Asia is characterized by subsistence, mixed cropping systems, labor intensive, use of primitive cultivars, and improper post-harvest treatments. Genetic improvement of… 

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The paper discusses the constraints faced by Asian spice growers which are: (a) biotic – including diseases, pests and lack of genetic variability, (b) abiotic – drought, flood, fire, storm, soil toxicity, (c) socio-economic – marketing, quality control, competition with other crops and synthetics, and lackof labor/capital, and (d) technological - lack of technologies and technology transfer.
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Appendix 1. Species of plants used as herbs
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