Production of D-arabitol by a newly isolated Kodamaea ohmeri.

  title={Production of D-arabitol by a newly isolated Kodamaea ohmeri.},
  author={Hong-Yang Zhu and Hong A Xu and Xiao-yan Dai and Yang Zhang and Han-jie Ying and Ping-kai Ouyang},
  journal={Bioprocess and biosystems engineering},
  volume={33 5},
A new yeast, isolated from natural osmophilic sources, produces D-arabitol as the main metabolic product from glucose. According to 18S rRNA analysis, the NH-9 strain belongs to the genus Kodamaea. The optimal culture conditions for inducing production of D-arabitol were 37 degrees C, neutral pH, 220 rpm shaking, and 5% inoculum. The yeast produced 81.2 +/- 0.67 g L(-1) D-arabitol from 200 g L(-1) D-glucose in 72 h with a yield of 0.406 g g(-1) glucose and volumetric productivity Q(P) of 1.128… CONTINUE READING

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