Production of α-particle emitting 211At using 45 MeV α-beam

  title={Production of $\alpha$-particle emitting 211At using 45 MeV $\alpha$-beam},
  author={Gyehong Kim and Kwon Soo Chun and Sung Ho Park and Byungil Kim},
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Among the α-particle emitting radionuclides, 211At is considered to be a promising radionuclide for targeted cancer therapy due to its decay properties. The range of alpha particles produced by the decay of 211At are less than 70 µm in water with a linear energy transfer between 100 and 130 keV µm−1, which are about the maximum relative biological effectiveness for heavy ions. It is important to note that at the present time, only a few of cyclotrons routinely produce 211At. The direct… 

Alpha-Emitters and Targeted Alpha Therapy in Oncology: from Basic Science to Clinical Investigations

There is a significant increase in the number of clinical trials in oncology using several radionuclides such as Actinium-225 (225Ac), Bismuth-213 (213Bi), Lead-212 (212Pb), Astatine (211At) or Radium-223 (223Ra) assessing their safety and preliminary activity.

New Cross-Sections for natMo(α,x) Reactions and Medical 97Ru Production Estimations with Radionuclide Yield Calculator

The production of 97Ru, a potential Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) radioisotope, was studied at ARRONAX. The cross-section of natMo(α,x)97Ru reaction was investigated in the range

New developments in the experimental data for charged particle production of medical radioisotopes

The goal of the present work is to give a review of developments achieved experimentally in the field of nuclear data for medically important radioisotopes in the last 3 years. The availability and

KSNM60 in Non-thyroidal Radionuclide Therapy: Leaping into the Future

This year, the Korean Society of Nuclear Medicine (KSNM) is celebrating its 60th anniversary, and the therapies such as radioimmunotherapy, transarterial radioembolization, radionuclide therapy for neuroendocrine tumors, peptide receptor radion UCLA therapy, and boron neutron capture therapy are introduced.

Therapeutic Radiometals: Worldwide Scientific Literature Trend Analysis (2008–2018)

The present study aims to analyze the research output on therapeutic radiometals from 2008 to 2018, with intent to quantify and identify global trends in scientific literature and emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of this research field.



Targeted therapy using alpha emitters.

Results suggest that meta-[211At] astatobenzylguanidine might be valuable for the targeted radiotherapy of micrometastatic neuroblastomas.

Thick target yield measurement of 211At through the nuclear reaction 209Bi(?, 2n)

Radionuclide Therapy (RNT) and Radioimmunotherapy (RIT) are potentially of great interest for cancer therapy. In many therapeutic applications alpha emitters should be much more effective than

Optimisation study of alpha-cyclotron production of At-211/Po-211g for high-LET metabolic radiotherapy purposes.

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A new internal target system for production of (211)At on the cyclotron U-120M.

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Cyclotron production of 211At/211gPo by 209Bi(α,2n) reaction

Astatine-211 (T1/2 = 7.214 h) is an α-emitter at secular equilibrium by EC with its ultra-short-lived α-emitting daughter, polonium-211g (T1/2 = 0.516 s), with a high Linear Energy Transfer (LET —

Optimisation of cyclotron production parameters for the 209Bi(alpha, 2n) 211At reaction related to biomedical use of 211At.

Assessing the 210At impurity in the production of 211At for radiotherapy by 210Po analysis via isotope dilution alpha spectrometry.

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Astatine-211: production and availability.

The 7.2-h half life radiohalogen (211)At offers many potential advantages for targeted α-particle therapy; however, its use for this purpose is constrained by its limited availability. Astatine-211